“You can change the whole life of someone just with one hair cut.”

Author: Tess McLeod, Head of Client Experience

On a rainy afternoon in June, in the kitchen at the Quintet offices in Zurich, I bumped into Mark Brunner, Head of Trading for Quintet in Switzerland. 

Fascinated with Mark’s job, I started to ask him about his experience in trading. Mark obliged by telling me some stories from his days during the 1980s - when trading was still entirely human-dependent, and the old-school methods were still used.

We very quickly got onto talking about tradesmanship and heritage, nostalgia and the importance of retaining vintage values in a modern world. The idea of a Richer Life story was born when our discussion turned to the fairly recent mega-revival of vintage barbering.

Inspired by Zurich’s own Marco Natali - the stylish, entrepreneurial and inspiring barber at the top of his game, renowned for not only his reputation but also his exquisitely designed barber shop – we created the ‘Banker & Barber’ discussion around the Richer Life values.

Working with Marco and Mark was an inspiration - two gentlemen who live and breathe such a passion for their respective trades. Who hold a deep and personal respect for heritage and tradition and who hold their clients’ trust and satisfaction at the forefront of all they do. Both with a set of skills that serve them well but even more so an attitude that a richer life is not about the superficial end product of their craft - whether money or appearances, but the true gift of a long-term relationship with their clients which is built on reassurance, loyalty, discretion and trust.

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