“A richer life to me is intersectionality”

To see Bisi’s kitchen table video, visit @foraricherlife.

A campaigner, activist, public speaker, story-teller, podcaster and actor. 

In 2004, after living with untreated HIV for three years, Bisi, who underwent gay exorcism as a teenager in his native Lagos, became the first Nigerian to come out on public television, in a country that’s socially conservative, especially when it comes to sexuality. After an attempt on his life in 2007, he fled to the UK where he was granted political asylum.

In 2015, he set up the Bisi Alimi Foundation, an LGBT initiative in the diaspora seeking to combat homophobia in Nigeria and West Africa. The foundation’s work is to “take people from invisibility to visibility”.

He is the host of the podcast The Angelic Troublemakers that features the real-life stories of inspirational and proactive individuals who have used their journey to change the world. His work is focused on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, feminism, education and poverty alleviation.

Bisi is on the World Bank advisory board on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and consults for them on the economic effects of homophobia.

His TEDx talk, There should never be another Ibrahim, is considered one of the 14 most inspiring queer TED talks of all time.

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